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Suburban Nitemare: 'A Monthly Markham Tales Adventure!'

My weekly comic strip featuring the semi-fictional adventures of me and my local pals, Markham Tales Mondays, has been on hiatus since last year…but it’s coming back!
But not just coming back, it’s jumping from 1 panel to a full comic page, updated once a month.

My plan is to do a monthly adventure and then collect it annually in a single 12 page story plus bonus content.

Suburban Nitemare/Markham Tales © Dyl Klöepfer 2014

(click on the photo to go to my official website, which was just updated this week!)


'Loonie Bin Comics' Back Cover Ad.

This is an earlier version (updated version coming soon) of the back cover to all upcoming releases by my comic brand, LoonieBinComics, it advertises the other properties I own/co-own.

Munchsters, drawn by me & wrote by Sam Noir.

Suburban Nitemare: A Markham Tales Adventure, an upcoming monthly comic featuring me and my buddies you’ll be able to see on my Facebook (click on the picture!) that’ll be collected annually.

RZH, which you’ve probably read about many times on this blog and has it’s second issue coming out at the upcoming 1st-ever GTA Comic Con.

…and Bikinis & Beards, probably my most exciting upcoming release which is already in the works and you can read more about on my website (linked below)

Munchsters © Sam Noir & Dyl Klöepfer
Suburban Nitemare/Markham Tales © Dyl Klöepfer 2014
RussianZombieHat © Dyl Klöepfer 2014
Bikinis & Beards ©2014 Dyl Klöepfer
LoonieBinComics © Dyl Klöepfer 14′

It's Almost March!?

Somehow February has flew by, it’s been an interesting month for Loonie Bin Comics.
The most recent web promo, the Valentine’s Day one, went over really well and since then I’ve been steadily working on the next issue of Russian Zombie Hat, a full-length winter adventure due to come out…

…just in time for spring.

See you all in March!

Copyright 2014 Dyl Klöepfer

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…this all started with talk of taking a snowball fight to the next level…
…this how it ended up.
features my pretty good friend and fellow cartoonist shane heron, check out his comic by clicking on the photo.

copyright 2013 dyl j.h klöepfer

also check out and ‘like’ my new facebook page:

…it’s a too bad it’s getting cold so fast lately.

happy birthday warren brown!

i did this as one of my only (if not my only) birthday cards this year. (so far, my mom’s is right around the corner)

it gave me one extra upload for the weekly comic and it was a lot of fun even if i redrew it 3-4 times before getting this final version just right.

i learned a lot colouring it too.

copyright 2013 dyl klöepfer

(click on the link to go to the facebook page for my comics, just started it last week!)

another awkward moment with my friend abby that i coloured.

(click on the photo to see the greyscale version)

copyright 2013 dyl kloepfer

this week’s update is a coloured version of a previous comic.
click on the photo to get to the black & white version.

copyright 2013 dyl j.h kloepfer

on a side note: this week is warren’s birthday.
(he’s the black guy hugging the ginger)

I asked my friend Patricia for help drawing a new comic strip, she sent me a drawing of herself, I drew myself…this is what we made!

Copyright 2013 Dyl Kloepfer

The copyright will be changing to “Loonie Bin Comics”, my new website/self-publisher, before long.

Loonie Bin Comics is also Copyright 2013 Dyl Kloepfer

(click on the photo to go to where the lovely Patricia posted this comic on her tumblr)

I’m back and on the character hunt, I have already got a few solid choices so far.

Copyright 2013 Dyl Kloepfer

(click on the photo to see last week’s strip)

…the second appearance of abby…

…as of now i’ve put her on the cover of the markham tales collection…

…i thought the strip needed some more awkward moments.

copyright 2013 dyl j.h kloepfer

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