#1 – “The New Daniel Bryan” becomes Bryan Danielson and the old (good guy) Daniel Bryan premiers as a RAW Superstar winning the Universal Championship making him the double champion with a SPLIT PERSONALITY

This creates incredible heat and leads to some great offshoot storylines…

⁃ Being double champion at Survivor Series he is booked to fight himself but instead Bryan Danielson says Daniel Bryan isn’t in his league and would rather send out his old Indy Wrestling Pal…Kevin Steen…to make quick work of him…and in a shocker…he does! Putting him in title contention!

⁃ Everyone thinks that Daniel Bryan is seeming a bit off one night on RAW but then surprise…it is really Bryan Danielson in disguise leading a Smackdown! Live invasion!

⁃ Brie Bella also gets a second personality…a passive good gal character on RAW known as Brie Bryan and the old evil Brie Bella thinks little of anyone who would take her husband’s last name…Bryan Danielson-Bella and Brie Bella-Danielson!

⁃ This creates a rivalry on RAW with Brie Bella’s Smackdown! Live tag team partner…Nikki Bella…Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bryan.

#2 – John Cena fights The New Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship and Bryan is happy to keep Ric Flair’s record tied, but unbroken…but then also shocks the world and states Flair had way more than 16 title wins…which is true!

#3 – WWE Introduces a Trio Championship that floats between RAW, Smackdown! Live & NXT

#4 – WWE Introduces a Mixed Tag Championship Title as the prize of the second Mixed Match Challenge that floats between RAW, Smackdown! Live & NXT

#5 – The Rock fights HBK at WrestleMania and they both have hair again!

#6 – WWE Mixed Match Challenge Season 3 uses all real couples…even bringing up people to the main roster temporarily and even maybe having some older or outside WWE talent come on for a short term contract…

#7 – WWE NXT switches places with RAW as a crazy tryout to see how people would react, they love it…and it becomes permanent.

#8 – Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall fight in a 6-Man Tag Match and win…impressively. At their age they’re still in phenomenal shape and super tall.

#9 – Roman Reigns returns…bald…and fights Goldberg…also bald.

#10 – Seth Rollins leaves for AEW

Honorable Mention: They change the brand names to WCW and WWF.


I have been a big fan of Figures Toy Company’s venture into wrestling figures since before even the first one came out (in their current style), as soon as I started seeing the contracts being signed by the likes of Kenny Omega and Blue Meanie, I knew they’d be taking my money.

1 small problem I have with the lines they’ve done is outside of maybe being able to tell from a photo of the figure in it’s packaging, they don’t actually tell you what accessories (if any) it comes with.

This could be for a number of reasons..

  1. Their first set of Ring of Honor figures didn’t seem to come with any accessories and they didn’t want people to think that was short changing them compared to their other lines (though in fairness those were cheaper)
  2. They could easily have figures come with no accessories where they usually would or a different one than posted and with a potentially already tight profit margin they don’t think it’s worth the trouble.

However, I wanted to compile a list of all the accessories that come with each toy.

It is just a fan resource and in no way official and I hope to add some cool photos and update the list later.

I can say so far that.. (this is from my personal collection)

→ Chris Hero (blue) came with a black guard rail
→ Jerry Lynn came with a black guard rail as well
→ Homicide came with a steel pipe
→ Brian Myers (WWE’s Curt Hawkins) came with his signature silver cane
→ Adam Cole (retired) came with crutches
→ “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (blue) came with a towel, a blue barricade and a water bottle
→ “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega (sold out) came with a black baseball bat
→ Trevor Lee (Rising Stars of Wrestling) came with an all black breakaway table
→ “The Playa from the Himalayas” Sonjay Dutt (Rising Stars) came with a silver folding chair

I can also say from what I’ve seen of figures I don’t own… (yet)

→ Bull James comes with a cinder block
→ Amber Gallows comes with a black folding chair
→ Ivelisse also comes with a black folding chair
→ Joey Ryan comes with his signature sunglasses and a silver barricade
→ Colt Cabana (Variant) comes with a microphone in black
→ Silver AJ Styles (sold out) came with a red guardrail, a red towel and a clear waterbottle
→ Chuck Taylor comes with the Southern Championship (a fictional belt created by FTC)
→ Rocky Romero comes with a red folding chair

→ Hanson (discontinued, sadly) came with a black table

→ Miley Whipwreck (blue pads) comes with a silver barricade
→ Blue Meanie comes with a black chair
→ PJ Polaco (ECW’s Justin Credible) comes with a kendo stick
→ Mikey Whipwreck (pink padded variant) comes with a Hardcore Championship

That’s all I’ve got for now! I’ll add more later!

Hey, it’s been a while since I posted, but I was reading another WordPress blog and I saw the little logo for this one and I thought…why not?


I guess writing this blog is one of those old-new things.

As you can see above, that’s one my more recent purchases I’ve wanted for the past decade or two, I always loved Snowjob so getting a whole vintage set of Arctic Joes always tempted me.

I went through a whole period where I felt way too much guilt about how much time I spent looking at toys, how much money I spent buying toys, and the same goes with comics, video games, movies, etc…

…but I realized (again sorta) recently that doing those things is the source of at least 2/3 of my happiness and inspiration.

When I worked a regular job (gross) I’d think about how many hours I’d need to work to buy something I really wanted and it made some shifts a lot easier.

When I’m sitting looking at toys and their marketing materials and such it fills me with a lot of the same joy and excitement I had as a kid, the excitement that made me want to be a better artist and one day, a cartoonist.

I think people who start filling their lives with too much guilt over these things really start to have their creativity, drive and inspiration decay slowly into the nothingness that is “I used to be really into that stuff but y’know, you get busy, life happens…yeah.”

I’ve heard that from so many people over the years and every time it just makes me shudder. How did you take a kid who would pause his VHS so he could have a still version to copy down in his notebook of Optimus Prime who grew up reading How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way until the pages were brittle, yellow and dog-eared…and turn him into this shell that just kind of…died inside? That whenever they talk about stuff they like it’s all guilty pleasure, don’t tell the wife, and other horrid phrases?


Don’t grow up…it’s a trap.


I’ve been fighting against being in this headspace as I too speedily approach 30 (gross) and it’s been working. Instead of forcing myself to pick up a pencil, I can’t help but pick one up and start jotting down ideas and doodles and layouts.

The hardest part of your day shouldn’t be getting out of bed. When you’ve got Devastator behind the bed, Hulk Hogan beside the bed and some Real American Heroes across from the bed…you’ve got a whole team ready to pull you back into the world…whether that world accepts that or not.


That’s all folks!

I’m sitting watching this slideshow of my artwork, and artwork that inspires me and all it inspires is great pain.

I watched a video the other day of someone painting a comic page that he’d dreamed of doing his whole life and it going to print immediately, so successful in fact that it was a wrestling comic page recorded being made by the WWE while he told his story.

That’s pretty magical.

All the magic in me, all the life in me, it’s fading quickly.

I’m twenty-six years old and two decades ago I wanted nothing more than for wrestling in full colour to pop off my printed comic pages.

I wanted to draw super heroes ten years later, popping off as well, but also being relatable, lovable, hatable, show off the dirtiest parts of this word, a person’s mind, from the last source you’d expect.

I went all over the far reaches of mind using my imagination, day dreaming, pipe dreaming, then planning, things that couldn’t be further out of my reach because so close, slept not right next to me but right on top of me, sitting on face until I woke up.

…and now those things feel so far, and I am lost, more than lost, I know where I am and it makes me truly sad…I’m past a series of deadlines and I don’t see any of worth coming up…

…I don’t see printed pages or stickers or bookmarks or smiling children, I see anguish, disappointment, not just from inside, but outside, in my lover’s and my mother’s eyes of a man who didn’t amount to anything…

…anything even close to what he’d talked about for so long and they’d really believed year by disappointing year was just around the corner.

It doesn’t matter if 2017 comes, and passes, nor if it’s 2019 or 2026, every time a new chapter ends the story will just become more sad, more disappointing, more uncomfortable to look directly at…

…people start to shift their gaze not just from your face, or your hands, but you as a whole, inside and out…and every time you pass a mirror, or a book that used to really inspire and be a part of you…you do the same thing, eyes watery…

…and move past yourself…

As an artist, there’s a lot of ways to go about the creative process.

Some people find their favourite in school or online reading about what their favourite artist does or it just comes about naturally.

Very few see themselves from an outside perspective from what I’ve read.

Today, I ask myself, “what would I draw if I was an artist?”

Asking myself as a fan of cartoons and comics, not as a creator of them, I find puts me in a happier, more positive place.
It allows my imagination to roam a little deeper into the unknown, everything feels playful instead of stressful.

The answer to today’s inquiry..

..The Kingpin from Spider-Man.


It’s been almost a year since my last post.

It was interesting re-reading it after so long.

I didn’t make it to the Cornell Picnic last year, but I definitely will this year.

My plans to make a bigger impact locally with a series of all-ages products are much more definite, and in the works.

My return to old school style 11″ by 17″ comic art boards was pretty successful, as was my return to brush, which I hope to show off in the next few months.

I obviously didn’t get much back into blogging, I spend more time journalling instead of boring you guys with a bunch of plans that may or may not happen.

…and yes, I turned 24, and now 25 is looming. I guess I’m where I wanted to be by now, I’m not so worried about the future. When I did the image you see in this blog, I was, I felt like I had a lot of limitations and wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to surpass them.

…I’m less worried about how everything looks lately, obviously it’s always my main concern but it’s been pretty consistent lately and I shrugged off that irritation I used to get from redrawing the same panel 6 times trying to get it right…I could redraw the same character 18 times (that’s THREE times as much) and smile through the whole experience, it’s fun for me, work never feels like work.

Well…I guess I’ll stop myself there, I have a bunch of old uploads I never got through and a ton of work to get back to, so if anyone is still out there…I hope I actually see you soon this time around.


I did this last month, it started out to just test 5 by 7 (inches, sorry Canadian heritage!) and I ended up liking the finished product so much that I threw on some colour (that you can see next post!) and ofcourse I think it has legs in grey…I hope you all do too.

There are some other developments going on in the world of Loonie Bin Comics too, I’ll most likely be at the local Cornell Picnic (fingers crossed!) next weekend, I really hope over the next couple years to make an impression and have a stronger comic community here in Markham, of all ages.

It’ll be my return to full-sized old school work (that’s 11 by 17…inches again…still sorry) with brush and maybe even some marker later on, trying to work on my portfolio.

I’m also (obviously) really trying to get back into blogging, with more than a sentence or two at a time, I hope you’ll all join me in my journey, I’ll be 24 soon and…I don’t know, I just want to have it more together..so I’m trying here, folks.

I did this quickly a few months back for some wonderful folks who will be doing variant covers for upcoming RZH releases.

RussianZombieHat © Dyl Klöepfer 2014
LoonieBinComics © Dyl Klöepfer 14′


(click on the photo to check out my last RZH update!)

My Mom's Logo

I did this early this year for my mom’s Facebook page ‘Cati2des’.
It was a little out of my comfort zone and it ending up well was a very pleasant surprise.
I’ve been thinking about making myself available for these types of things since I have PayPal now, so if you’re interested comment/e-mail me.

Copyright 2014 Dyl Klöepfer

Please go check out & LIKE the page by clicking on the photo!

LoonieBinComics on Facebook!

Hey everyone, it’s been a couple weeks since my last update but I’ve been keeping busy.

I’ve officially began work on the third issue of Russian Zombie Hat and the response from those close to me has been very positive. It should hopefully be the best looking book I’ve ever been a part of.

I’ve also updated the Facebook so there are now posts scheduled for every Monday until September (and beyond when I’ve more to post).

Go check it out by clicking on this week’s photo!

RussianZombieHat © Dyl Klöepfer 2014
LoonieBinComics © Dyl Klöepfer 14′


Next up I have a very special new mini-print to work on featuring 4 (that’s right, 4!) never before seen RZH characters that I did back on Friday the 13th’s Full Moon (the only one we’ll have for over 40 years!), hope you enjoyed it while it was here!

I also have some web updates and will be heavily promoting (starting now) that you can pick up all things Loonie Bin Comics exclusively at The Secret Lotus in Markham between my convention appearances!

Come get some stuff!

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