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'Loonie Bin Comics' Back Cover Ad.

This is an earlier version (updated version coming soon) of the back cover to all upcoming releases by my comic brand, LoonieBinComics, it advertises the other properties I own/co-own.

Munchsters, drawn by me & wrote by Sam Noir.

Suburban Nitemare: A Markham Tales Adventure, an upcoming monthly comic featuring me and my buddies you’ll be able to see on my Facebook (click on the picture!) that’ll be collected annually.

RZH, which you’ve probably read about many times on this blog and has it’s second issue coming out at the upcoming 1st-ever GTA Comic Con.

…and Bikinis & Beards, probably my most exciting upcoming release which is already in the works and you can read more about on my website (linked below)

Munchsters © Sam Noir & Dyl Klöepfer
Suburban Nitemare/Markham Tales © Dyl Klöepfer 2014
RussianZombieHat © Dyl Klöepfer 2014
Bikinis & Beards ©2014 Dyl Klöepfer
LoonieBinComics © Dyl Klöepfer 14′


Thanks for reading Munchsters!

Really, I mean it, THANKYOU!
Munchsters co-creator/writer/bringer of snacks Sam Noir alerted me yesterday that our first print run of the book had officially sold out, so obviously, people out there have been reading.
It was the first printed comic that had my art (and only my art, but definitely featuring some beautiful inks from Shane Heron for one story) from cover to cover and for it to sell out is the greatest compliment I can think of.

Copyright 2014 Sam Noir & Dyl Klöepfer

(click on the picture to go to my last post about the comic!)

It's Almost March!?

Somehow February has flew by, it’s been an interesting month for Loonie Bin Comics.
The most recent web promo, the Valentine’s Day one, went over really well and since then I’ve been steadily working on the next issue of Russian Zombie Hat, a full-length winter adventure due to come out…

…just in time for spring.

See you all in March!

Copyright 2014 Dyl Klöepfer

(click on the photo to check out ‘Loonie Bin Comics’ on Facebook!)

Munchsters #1

This was my original art for the first issue of Munchsters by myself and Sam Noir.
The final version got a little pixelated around the title and the whole thing seemed a bit stretched.
But it’s still damn cool to see your art physically exist as a comic book cover.

Copyright 2013 Dyl Klöepfer & Sam Noir

(click on the link for the last ‘Munchsters’ upload)

…also a big thanks to Shane Heron for doing the background of this baby!

The first upload of the month is the colour version of a pin-up I did for the comic, ‘Munchsters’ by myself and Sam Noir.

I wrote a while back about how much I liked the greyscale version but when it comes to kids’ comics…bright, vibrant colours are usually your best bet…

Copyright 2013 Dyl Klöepfer & Sam Noir

(click on the picture to get to the greyscale version)


This is a pin-up I did for Munchsters, a kids’ comic created by myself and Sam Noir.
I did it in full colour but I thought it might look completely different in greyscale, which it did.
It’s strange to me, in the world of independent comics, it’s so hard to make a dollar, so a lot of comics save a dollar by printing in black and white, often with a colour cover, it’s the standard in modern indy comics.
This is actually (I’ve heard) the reason that Walking Dead was originally printed in black and white, compiled with that George Romero black and white zombie movie mentality.
The problem I find is that the whole effect is now lost on people, they see black and white and they think “oh, these guys cheap’d out and didn’t go with colour for their book” instead of thinking it has something to do with mood, unless you go the route of Frank Miller that he did with Sin City and use a single colour sporadically, just to remind you “hey, this was on purpose”.

This image is copyright 2013 Dyl Klöepfer

(click on the image to go this blog’s last post about Munchsters)

Munchsters on Facebook!

I did this piece specifically for the Munchsters Facebook page to be the cover photo.
I think it turned out really well.
Web presence is everything nowadays.

Copyright 2013 Sam Noir & Dyl Klöepfer

(click on the picture to check out my previous Munchsters blogpost!)

…expect the spooky uploads to continue as October progresses!

Munchsters Max meets Charlie Brown

The season of the Great Pumpkin is upon us and October is only 7 and a half hours away.
October is one of my favourite times of the year, finally the whole world starts to pay attention to the things I like all year round. Ghosts, ghoulies, monsters, horror, b-movies with Bruce Campbell…all that sh*t.
It’s a great time.
So to kick it all off early I thought I’d share this one panel gag of Max, the vampire boy, from Munchsters meeting Charlie Brown from Peanuts, it started when the writer of Munchsters told me he considered “Max to be our Charlie Brown in the whacky world of Munchsters.”

…plus I just like saying “swag”.

Copyright 2013 Dyl Klöepfer & Sam Noir

(click on the photo to go to the Facebook page for Munchsters)

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