Hey, I’m Dyl.

I was born many years ago on the third of August in the morning, I think it was a Friday.

I live in Canada.

I draw pictures in various styles, constantly trying to find/create my own so I can one day make my own comic strip.
I draw very cartoony.

I make music and poetry and short stories but most of the time I just write about my life in big 360 page books I buy from Wal-Mart.

I am obsessed with many things, they’re mostly comic and wrestling related though.

I have started a small Canadian comic brand called Loonie Bin Comics, please ‘like’ the Facebook page if you get a chance:
(click here!)

You can also my find my artwork/other content related to me at these links:
[Twitter | @LoonieBinComics]
[deviantART | dylanio21]

I hope you like my blog.