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Suburban Nitemare: 'A Monthly Markham Tales Adventure!'

My weekly comic strip featuring the semi-fictional adventures of me and my local pals, Markham Tales Mondays, has been on hiatus since last year…but it’s coming back!
But not just coming back, it’s jumping from 1 panel to a full comic page, updated once a month.

My plan is to do a monthly adventure and then collect it annually in a single 12 page story plus bonus content.

Suburban Nitemare/Markham Tales © Dyl Klöepfer 2014

(click on the photo to go to my official website, which was just updated this week!)


Weapons Are Fun.

I made this to be the cover photo of the RZH (Russian Zombie Hat) Facebook, I was quite pleased with how the little gag came out.
I wanted to draw Russ holding a lot of weapons and it’s fun to see how things snowball from there.

Copyright 2013 Dyl J.H Klöepfer

(click on the link to see a larger posting of this on my deviantART)

…I can’t believe it’s already Halloween next week!

I asked my friend Patricia for help drawing a new comic strip, she sent me a drawing of herself, I drew myself…this is what we made!

Copyright 2013 Dyl Kloepfer

The copyright will be changing to “Loonie Bin Comics”, my new website/self-publisher, before long.

Loonie Bin Comics is also Copyright 2013 Dyl Kloepfer

(click on the photo to go to where the lovely Patricia posted this comic on her tumblr)

…the black guy always dies first.

this week’s comic strip is copyright 2013 dylan j.h kloepfer

this week’s comic strip was actually pretty funny.

this is the version that didn’t show up on facebook.

thanks for reading.

copyright 2013 dylan j.h kloepfer

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