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GTA Comic Con: 10 Days & Counting..

In just over a week, it’ll be GTA Comic Con in Mississauga and my small, northern comic brand, LoonieBinComics, will be there with brand new stickers, brand new mini-prints and a brand new full-colour sixteen page comic, RZH: Attack of the Zombie Snowmen!

Included in all that will be an 8 by 6 print of this, the UPDATED (as promised last week) back cover ad for all upcoming releases from LoonieBinComics!

Be sure to check out the new Facebook cover photo too by clicking on this week’s picture!

Loonie Bin Comics | Copyright 2014 Dyl Klöepfer

Hope to see you all there!

Munchsters Max meets Charlie Brown

The season of the Great Pumpkin is upon us and October is only 7 and a half hours away.
October is one of my favourite times of the year, finally the whole world starts to pay attention to the things I like all year round. Ghosts, ghoulies, monsters, horror, b-movies with Bruce Campbell…all that sh*t.
It’s a great time.
So to kick it all off early I thought I’d share this one panel gag of Max, the vampire boy, from Munchsters meeting Charlie Brown from Peanuts, it started when the writer of Munchsters told me he considered “Max to be our Charlie Brown in the whacky world of Munchsters.”

…plus I just like saying “swag”.

Copyright 2013 Dyl Klöepfer & Sam Noir

(click on the photo to go to the Facebook page for Munchsters)

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