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I did this last month, it started out to just test 5 by 7 (inches, sorry Canadian heritage!) and I ended up liking the finished product so much that I threw on some colour (that you can see next post!) and ofcourse I think it has legs in grey…I hope you all do too.

There are some other developments going on in the world of Loonie Bin Comics too, I’ll most likely be at the local Cornell Picnic (fingers crossed!) next weekend, I really hope over the next couple years to make an impression and have a stronger comic community here in Markham, of all ages.

It’ll be my return to full-sized old school work (that’s 11 by 17…inches again…still sorry) with brush and maybe even some marker later on, trying to work on my portfolio.

I’m also (obviously) really trying to get back into blogging, with more than a sentence or two at a time, I hope you’ll all join me in my journey, I’ll be 24 soon and…I don’t know, I just want to have it more I’m trying here, folks.


deadpool meets dick tracy

  • i am going to grow a beard
  • i am going to sign up for fit to print, even though i’ve never drawn a full size comic page
  • i am going to sign up for cerebus, though i’ve never read cerebus
  • i am going to buy all the thundercats action figures
  • i am going to make a list of things to draw…then draw them
  • this list will include deadpool wearing dick tracy’s coat, presumably after he’s murdered the famous detective (see above)
  • i am going to have a blogspot website…that’s bullshit (it’s this one)
  • i am going have a wordpress website…that’s awesome (it’s this one)
  • i am going to be a cartoonist
  • i am going to quit my job
  • i am going to no longer have a sleep schedule

….and so i did.

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