#1 – “The New Daniel Bryan” becomes Bryan Danielson and the old (good guy) Daniel Bryan premiers as a RAW Superstar winning the Universal Championship making him the double champion with a SPLIT PERSONALITY

This creates incredible heat and leads to some great offshoot storylines…

⁃ Being double champion at Survivor Series he is booked to fight himself but instead Bryan Danielson says Daniel Bryan isn’t in his league and would rather send out his old Indy Wrestling Pal…Kevin Steen…to make quick work of him…and in a shocker…he does! Putting him in title contention!

⁃ Everyone thinks that Daniel Bryan is seeming a bit off one night on RAW but then surprise…it is really Bryan Danielson in disguise leading a Smackdown! Live invasion!

⁃ Brie Bella also gets a second personality…a passive good gal character on RAW known as Brie Bryan and the old evil Brie Bella thinks little of anyone who would take her husband’s last name…Bryan Danielson-Bella and Brie Bella-Danielson!

⁃ This creates a rivalry on RAW with Brie Bella’s Smackdown! Live tag team partner…Nikki Bella…Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bryan.

#2 – John Cena fights The New Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship and Bryan is happy to keep Ric Flair’s record tied, but unbroken…but then also shocks the world and states Flair had way more than 16 title wins…which is true!

#3 – WWE Introduces a Trio Championship that floats between RAW, Smackdown! Live & NXT

#4 – WWE Introduces a Mixed Tag Championship Title as the prize of the second Mixed Match Challenge that floats between RAW, Smackdown! Live & NXT

#5 – The Rock fights HBK at WrestleMania and they both have hair again!

#6 – WWE Mixed Match Challenge Season 3 uses all real couples…even bringing up people to the main roster temporarily and even maybe having some older or outside WWE talent come on for a short term contract…

#7 – WWE NXT switches places with RAW as a crazy tryout to see how people would react, they love it…and it becomes permanent.

#8 – Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall fight in a 6-Man Tag Match and win…impressively. At their age they’re still in phenomenal shape and super tall.

#9 – Roman Reigns returns…bald…and fights Goldberg…also bald.

#10 – Seth Rollins leaves for AEW

Honorable Mention: They change the brand names to WCW and WWF.