I have been a big fan of Figures Toy Company’s venture into wrestling figures since before even the first one came out (in their current style), as soon as I started seeing the contracts being signed by the likes of Kenny Omega and Blue Meanie, I knew they’d be taking my money.

1 small problem I have with the lines they’ve done is outside of maybe being able to tell from a photo of the figure in it’s packaging, they don’t actually tell you what accessories (if any) it comes with.

This could be for a number of reasons..

  1. Their first set of Ring of Honor figures didn’t seem to come with any accessories and they didn’t want people to think that was short changing them compared to their other lines (though in fairness those were cheaper)
  2. They could easily have figures come with no accessories where they usually would or a different one than posted and with a potentially already tight profit margin they don’t think it’s worth the trouble.

However, I wanted to compile a list of all the accessories that come with each toy.

It is just a fan resource and in no way official and I hope to add some cool photos and update the list later.

I can say so far that.. (this is from my personal collection)

→ Chris Hero (blue) came with a black guard rail
→ Jerry Lynn came with a black guard rail as well
→ Homicide came with a steel pipe
→ Brian Myers (WWE’s Curt Hawkins) came with his signature silver cane
→ Adam Cole (retired) came with crutches
→ “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (blue) came with a towel, a blue barricade and a water bottle
→ “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega (sold out) came with a black baseball bat
→ Trevor Lee (Rising Stars of Wrestling) came with an all black breakaway table
→ “The Playa from the Himalayas” Sonjay Dutt (Rising Stars) came with a silver folding chair

I can also say from what I’ve seen of figures I don’t own… (yet)

→ Bull James comes with a cinder block
→ Amber Gallows comes with a black folding chair
→ Ivelisse also comes with a black folding chair
→ Joey Ryan comes with his signature sunglasses and a silver barricade
→ Colt Cabana (Variant) comes with a microphone in black
→ Silver AJ Styles (sold out) came with a red guardrail, a red towel and a clear waterbottle
→ Chuck Taylor comes with the Southern Championship (a fictional belt created by FTC)
→ Rocky Romero comes with a red folding chair

→ Hanson (discontinued, sadly) came with a black table

→ Miley Whipwreck (blue pads) comes with a silver barricade
→ Blue Meanie comes with a black chair
→ PJ Polaco (ECW’s Justin Credible) comes with a kendo stick
→ Mikey Whipwreck (pink padded variant) comes with a Hardcore Championship

That’s all I’ve got for now! I’ll add more later!