It’s been almost a year since my last post.

It was interesting re-reading it after so long.

I didn’t make it to the Cornell Picnic last year, but I definitely will this year.

My plans to make a bigger impact locally with a series of all-ages products are much more definite, and in the works.

My return to old school style 11″ by 17″ comic art boards was pretty successful, as was my return to brush, which I hope to show off in the next few months.

I obviously didn’t get much back into blogging, I spend more time journalling instead of boring you guys with a bunch of plans that may or may not happen.

…and yes, I turned 24, and now 25 is looming. I guess I’m where I wanted to be by now, I’m not so worried about the future. When I did the image you see in this blog, I was, I felt like I had a lot of limitations and wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to surpass them.

…I’m less worried about how everything looks lately, obviously it’s always my main concern but it’s been pretty consistent lately and I shrugged off that irritation I used to get from redrawing the same panel 6 times trying to get it right…I could redraw the same character 18 times (that’s THREE times as much) and smile through the whole experience, it’s fun for me, work never feels like work.

Well…I guess I’ll stop myself there, I have a bunch of old uploads I never got through and a ton of work to get back to, so if anyone is still out there…I hope I actually see you soon this time around.