This is a pin-up I did for Munchsters, a kids’ comic created by myself and Sam Noir.
I did it in full colour but I thought it might look completely different in greyscale, which it did.
It’s strange to me, in the world of independent comics, it’s so hard to make a dollar, so a lot of comics save a dollar by printing in black and white, often with a colour cover, it’s the standard in modern indy comics.
This is actually (I’ve heard) the reason that Walking Dead was originally printed in black and white, compiled with that George Romero black and white zombie movie mentality.
The problem I find is that the whole effect is now lost on people, they see black and white and they think “oh, these guys cheap’d out and didn’t go with colour for their book” instead of thinking it has something to do with mood, unless you go the route of Frank Miller that he did with Sin City and use a single colour sporadically, just to remind you “hey, this was on purpose”.

This image is copyright 2013 Dyl Klöepfer

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