life can feel like hell, hot and inappropriate, surrounded by enemies.

life can beat you over and over until you stay in bed until 5pm and go back to bed not long after dinner.

but hell isn’t everything, the glass isn’t always half empty…

heaven is a pile of cartoons on photocopy paper chronicling all the adventures we didn’t have.

heaven is that old blue car that never dies, leaving a little piece of it’s owner in the driveway forever.

heaven is memories that cut out the bad parts, an amalgam of everything good you ever did.

heaven is watching the same movie over and over just to get lost in it, and hope that the ending will be different this time.

heaven is hundreds of blog posts about not too much and you wouldn’t hide a single one.

heaven is an inside joke that has lasted since grade 4 and we’ll still smile about on our death beds.

heaven is never too far away and i can’t wait to wake up to another day of it.

thought i’d write something a little more upbeat..