there’s an old house, burned to the ground, the smell stays in my nostrils for days until i blow it out with my little low class, big price habit that comes back around whenever i start feeling too stressed on the job.

a lot of people have jobs but they’re just “jobs”. mine is your life, my life, everyone’s life. without me, there is no life. there is nothing but danger around every corner. scum rules the cities and you either join them or they do with you what they please, either way, you’re fucked.

i’ve been fucked a lot. janie’s taste is just barely left on me, her scent rises to those aching nostrils between sips of coffee in the morning, coffee that elaine made, she deserves better.

our little rebecca is entering a pageant this year, it’s really cute, she’s a real go-getter, she goes after what she wants and she gets it. a philanthropist at age eleven.

our bobby isn’t so little anymore, and he’s no philanthropist, he’s in another old broken down house somewhere that i pray every night isn’t burning.

2 kids and one is an angel from heaven and the other is a big fuck-up who causes me nothing but grief, stress and embarrassment. how does the cookie crumble like that? elaine only lets me eat oatmeal cookies because of my health, i’m glad i cheated on her.

janie gets me, she’s on the job every day just like i am, i’m married to my work, it barely feels like cheating, we both share a spouse. it’s a small bridge to cross.

it’s a tight bridge that i drive down that i’m suddenly jumping off of, atleast almost jumping off of.

there’s cop cars behind me, a guy with a megaphone, i’ve been that guy before, fuck, are we always so annoying? who wouldn’t want to jump just to shut up the annoying fuck with the megaphone?

i swear too much, i keep trying to stop for little rebecca but, that jar is filling up with nickels and even some toonies but it’s all pennies with an expensive habit like mine, fuck, i should have done a baker’s dozen before i decide to come up here.

eleven lines, no wonder i’m not dead, whatever, will be soon.