we are all on borrowed time, look at your clock, every second that ticks, every minute that passes is killing you, every breath you take brings you closer to your last and that…is why life is sweet.

because borrowed time is put to better use, if there is only tonight, then we shall make it the greatest night of our lives, if there is all week and parts of next, maybe we’ll have fun friday. but every night is our last chance, our last chance to enjoy every second, this second, and this second, and this second and…

i think a lot about how small i am, how short my life is going to be, i’ll be pleasantly surprised to make it to twenty-five. i think that family and friends are nice, but after so many decades, we can part ways peacefully. that is what death really is. it is simply just getting to the end of everything you’ve been doing so far, and that includes breathing. it doesn’t sound so bad then. i don’t really think of it as that bad.

i will be sad to part ways with my girlfriend but even happier to see her when she joins me, like when i get on that bus until the next time i get off it, sometimes i feel like i could just stay on that bus for the week, go to all these different places but never step off and then, be back for a day, just to step on it again when the sun goes down, i often wonder if she thinks of it that way, like every second we’re apart might as well as be on that bus, my whole life is between bus trips, i get off it onto familiar ground and simply wait, prepare, for the next time i step on.

in a life of only borrowed time i can accept such a life.

i know that i’ll never create enough, but however much i create will be enough to me somehow, i’ll do what i can, when i can, hopefully more than now, but we’ll see, i’ve no control really, it’s all up in the air. when my time comes i will have a book, a dozen books, a family, and that will be what remains, which is fine by me, things must come to an end, i’ll never create that spider-man that just keeps making new stories every month, i’ll never create that world where everyone stays alive forever creating new stories all the time, never aging, i’ll simply create a story, with a beginning, an end, and hopefully an enjoyable and fulfilling middle. hopefully my life will go the same way.