3:16am on march 24th, 2010.

this is the night where you started out tired and are going way too late putting pencil to paper and you look down and there it is, that page you never thought you’d make that is even better than what’s been in your head since you decided to pursue this pipe dream, this is the night that you say, “wow, i really did it, i can do this and do it again and continue until i am where i want to be, i am going to be where i want to be.”

it’s a funny feeling.

it’s not accomplished or proud or sad or nervous, it’s a feeling that you shouldn’t be somewhere but you are anyways. that party you somehow end up at but there’s a pretty girl standing there smiling at you as you wander to find your place, if they bust the door down this second and ask how you got in their house it’s too late, you’ve already touched bliss.

this is the feeling, the look, the thing that i have been looking for, it’s been longer than i can think of but now i am just going to lay back and enjoy. the moment you seem to base every other thought around that comes into your head and you hit it and it feels just right and you cruise along not caring where it takes you.

it can take me to a seafaring adventure with pirates and living skeletons or it can take me to the main event of a wrestling pay-per-view for the world championship, wherever it might take me, i welcome whatever comes ahead.

this is it.