i love you.

but is love enough?

if it’s not then this little thing called life isn’t worth it, because life is the little thing, everything else is the big stuff, the important stuff, love, art, passion, lust, broken-hearted and bleeding to cloud 9 with a text in this day-in-age. it’s the way now.

i love you, whoever you might be for whatever reason i might love you and whatever amount i might do it and if i love you then breathing is worth it, because i am just a piece. imagine this…

imagine a dot, among 6 billion dots, and that’s you, and you stay to yourself and they whiz around in a blur for so many years until they make dots and their dot disappears, that’s life the way most people live it.

imagine a dot, it has a line connect to another, and another, and those dots connect too, making their own impact, a delicate tapestry, a life lived in layers of changes made for yourself, but mostly others, that is a thing of beauty, not a blur then a death but a lasting effect, encounters that change your life, the lives of others and through that the world, directing someone to the right aisle, making an old lady smile, giving your girlfriend a gift and watching her face explode with a beautiful shade of red as if she can’t contain how happy you’ve made her…

that’s that stuff, and the stuff is why i’m here, i am going to love you like no one else ever will or can love you and i am going to be more than a dot so when i disappear from this tapestry a hole is left, and eyes will get glassy, there will be glimmers of light from my small effect on this dark world.

that’s all i hope to do with this life.