can’t believe it’s over.

i watched the whole thing fall.

and i never saw the writing that was on the wall.

if i’d only knew…

i wrote that…when it was…what it states in the title…

…but i didn’t listen to the rest of the song as it played in the background.

i missed the whole point of the song until tonight.

weird eh?

the end after the end leads to a new start, because suddenly the shallow half-assed charade has ended. the lack of closure.

and you realize…you’re still here. it’s not over but it has finally fixed itself because it adapted, evolved, it was a live or die situation and in the heat of the moment and in a great realization…you chose life.

now…i don’t wait for the other shoe to fall, i don’t wait for my tiny world to crumble, i simply float along to my destination through the darkness of space, barefoot and broken…

…the end.