i feel a special connection to josé delbo, i have felt a special connection very often in the past but usually it would just pertain to one aspect of my artistic aspirations, while stumbling through the internet in search of original art i found him…and it has been miraculous.

he has worked on a multitude of dream jobs, i always wanted to do things like comics for action figures and cross-promotion, things that seem like throw-away cash-ins because those always had a special place in my heart, a backbone of comics not expanded upon enough by modern day society, comics nowadays just take themselves far too seriously…i take not doing that far too seriously, strange as it may sound.

he worked on the spinoff of superman “superman’s pal jimmy olsen” which i always though was one of the coolest thing i’ve ever heard of. just the idea of such a lame semi-sidekick getting his own title and it lasting and being fun and unbridled camp just made it seem like dc had really taken the archie formula and used it effectively.

he worked on marvel comics’ “nfl superpro” which, while hailed as one of the worst comics of all time if not the worst, i simply adore, it’s so corny, it’s so obvious and it features such random marvel cameos, i just can’t help but be head over heels for it. it is just the kind of thing i always wanted to do. a comic about sgt. slaughter or hulk hogan, an nba meets static shock, a elvis stojko comic, and he did it, and it had 12 whole issues, fantastic.

he also worked on barbie, while g.i joe always had cool stories as did transformers (which he also worked on a lot) they just had too much going on for me to get what i wanted from them, which was a comic about an action figure, it’d need to be about something that was just an action figure and the rest was left to the imagination in different media outlets.
barbie however, is a doll, and nothing more. she has had movies and cartoons and all that but it wasn’t like he-man where the formula just worked far too well, barbie will always be a toy and the rest will just be fluff, i live for such fluff. i would love to work on a comic like that, a strip maybe, i am hard pressed to think of another toy that i could do it for but barbie works probably above any other brand name anyways.

while writing this i actually found out that he also worked on the misadventures of superbaby which just puts this whole blog in a nutshell (not that i don’t plan to ramble) but it shows how popular superman is and how something of such immense popularity can create such interesting concepts purely on the basis that it couldn’t work with something that had a smaller following, you need that iconic character to have such ridiculous ideas work and you need a josé delbo any dirty job kind of guy to bring it to life.

he also did a lot of work on wonder woman, which i loved, why is his so special? because wonder woman herself is a special lady, such a big name with no villains, no villains at all, literally sometimes. he drew pages of her fighting missiles and animals. that’s the kind of comic i love, unknown villains, plots that barely have an antagonist, random kids showing up then leaving instead of damsels in distress, a big name with noone to fight. i love it!

the main thing that really drew me to him (“drew”, get it?) was his superman comics, there was two, one was a daily comic strip which he did on regular sized comic art boards which i thought was just perfect for some reason, like it made it seem like it was just this project he was thrown onto and that he did really well with, but still didn’t embrace fully. they had these plots that were cool but really really simple and not as dramatic as they made it sound, not as a fault, because they had to make sense in a daily feature, i just found it attractive.
the sundays however were something much different, they would state some facts about superman followed by a word or matching puzzle. just the strangest combination that he made look perfect. it made me want to do the same thing with everything i’ve ever created or loved.

in closing (you better not be thinking finally or anything of the sort to yourself!) i could have given my life to any of these projects, that’s what makes him so special, he got to do all of them, he just had a taste of it all and embraced (rhymes a bit) every one full-heartedly, you look at all of them and with his classic (but not too classic) comics style it just always looked exactly as it was supposed to. an overlooked master i shall forever be inspired by..