“…in your love, my salvation lies…in your love.”

that’s from orange sky by alexi murdoch, a truly moving song, i’ve listened to it somewhere around 400 times, probably a bit more.

it’s true.

love is overwhelming, it swallows me whole, more than in my girlfriend or in my passion to one day create comics, it is in everything i do, everything i see and want to see, want to do, i know that my heart will hurt before long, i know that my heart will beat fast with anticipation soon as well, i know that it will heal with a word, just as easily as it broke in the first place, i know it is fragile, it should be, try breaking something and putting it back together over and over, my heart is more scotch tape than flesh and blood. my arteries pump through sticky clear plastic.

my salvation lies in a promising present and an uncertain but hopeful future, it is lies in plans i will one day finally get around to, it lies in comments i won’t get but hope to, jobs i want to do but don’t and even if i did…it lies…


…in your love.