i think a lot about publishing, styles, formats, ideas.

i think that publishers should really just publish one kind of comic, one look, and then they can sell everything instead of just one thing…for example:

– image: has a lot of great books and maybe initially the styles weren’t too far apart but now it’s biggest books savage dragon, invincible, the walking dead are so visually different that they could easily be picked up by another publisher with no noticeable change.

– darkhorse: the same deal, lots of great books, hellboy, sin city, usagi yojimbo, the goon but no similarities really. it’s a great idea but…what’s the point of dark horse at the end of the day? the goon could sell under marvel or dc, he could feature bizarro or logan. hellboy has met batman in the past, sin city could sell if frank miller made the photo copies himself.

however…there are publishers that do have a unified look, that do believe in drawing comics the marvel way in the days when there still was one…

radical publishing

i stumbled upon them because of one of the people i follow on deviantART and they are pretty unified, they definitely deal in the hardcore, the over-detailed, blood and sweat type of artists with the gritty death-filled plots.

it’s the kind of company that you’ll read one thing, and stick with it, and try to find other books by that company during your wait for the next book.

top cow

most everyone who likes comics i would assume knows of top cow, how could you not? it’s mark silvestri’s comic publisher and you can tell across every title they make pretty much, very similar to his style of art and story, i love that about them, cool detailed shadows and little rips and tears in every place they can fit them, i love it.

so what’s the dilemma?

the dilemma is that i often think to myself that i should just do whatever i feel like doing that day, frank miller or chester gould, joe shuster or chester brown, i change my mind all the time, i should change my name to jeffrey chester brown gouldsmith. if i had focus then i could do these things with more vision, brining marv to the style of coipel, or the maxx to the style of edlund, the new gods to seth, that sort of thing.

it’s a tough road…hopefully focus is just around the corner.