i have been paying a lot of attention to the art of the new book that would be a childhood dream comic for everyone my age…astonishing spider-man & wolverine, it speaks to me, it’s just such a cool idea with dynamic interesting modern art but like so stuck in the past, using the past versions of your favourite odd couple.

there is a bunch of the art for it if you follow that link at the top of this one.

i was looking at my wall the other day and thinking that what my comics need are big figures sticking out of the borders like the first page of spider-man and wolverine, that’d really make them feel exciting, they also need double page spreads, i just love reading things horizontally…it’s from all the comic strips i read on sundays, they’re all like that.

anyways, i thought this might be a cool return to blogging, a little quicky about someone who i appreciate, can’t get enough big black strange shaped shadows with little tiny cross-hatching sticking out.

see you next time web-heads! (yeah that’s a pretty lame sign off…but it fit.)