people are rude and like…i let them be a lot nowadays.

i don’t know why, i guess it’s because i don’t want to deal with all that anymore, i’m not a pushover but when people don’t want to chill i find myself asking a couple more times before i just give up or not liking me i just let it bug me a bit but don’t really confront them…what am i to say? love me damn you! i am not that guy…

…atleast anymore.

i’ve been making changes in my life and it’s like i am trying to be a better person, this nice sweet guy and then it’s like…i have lost a bit of respect from some people and even for myself it feels like sometimes, everything is so uphill, it’s not good.

i can atleast have some personal worth though, i don’t need to sink down and report on why everyone else is garbage anymore, i can just live for myself and my friends and family and just what and who i love and they can live in their world of hate.

i guess this blog sounds a bit cliché but that’s okay, i am allowed to be after this many, this is one of my blogs for this month, expect another one, maybe even a up to four more…and i hope you understand where i’m coming from.