hey there blog-fans, i know this blog still seems relatively new, especially compared to my old one, but bear with me. i am still trying to get a feel for this new one, i don’t know if less is more or not trying to find my voice on here, but that’s the best part of a blog, it’s a journey.

i have noticed that even though the days feel long, like every second away from my girlfriend is too much to bear or that every minute daily sketch until i get the main character of my new comic correct is a seemingly eternal struggle but suddenly we are over a month into the new year, i haven’t full adjusted to writing the date yet but before long 2011 will be yesterday’s news with all the hope of the future being in 2012, a year one wouldn’t want to bet it all on according to popular culture.

what does 2011 mean to me? being an adult maybe.
i have felt a little more adult in the new year, even if that means feeling like a little kid sometimes. my interests are about the same as when i was 10 years old and that gap grows every day. i still like my smackdown! wrestling games even if they made the title longer and the federation is just entertainment now…
i still like my action figures even if i only buy a few per year. i still want to make little figures out of clay even if i don’t make a dozen per day anymore. i still think one day blob man will be this comic strip epic that everyone adores. i still love to draw and don’t do it enough. i still love unique looking girls, even if it’s not so plural anymore.

so…what will the rest of january, this year being too much for me to comprehend…bring? lots of seeing my girlfriend. a couple more “markham tales” strips. some big sketches. and…trying to decide who my real friends are and if i should have even more…you know…more than the ones i had when i was 10 and 14 or happen to date.

check back with you all later!