this is my main struggle with comics i find. do i want something that’s just one part or one that tells the whole deal? should it be able to stand alone or be one of six or twelve in the season?

i really like the idea of seasons. 4-6-12 issues per year that are all part of “season 1”. i even like the name, “episode”. that sounds like something i’d wish to create. but it doesn’t seem like an epic or a masterpiece unless it’s a movie.

movies are awesome. the newest epic by dylan kloepfer, another masterpiece by dyl, dyl knocks another one out of the park!

enough of that, you get the idea, i guess as of right now i’m going for a bit of both, it’s times like this i wish people commented, all it takes is a bit of public opinion to decide, it’s worked for me in the past…

one final note: i like both for the same set of characters. like big epic occurrences randomly spruced throughout many regular episodes with little gag pages (probably holiday special type stuff) in there too.
…like scooby doo.