the end of twenty-ten has finally came about, it seems to have left me too fast for my liking, a lot of things began happening at some point, artistic changes, life changes, new things i didn’t expect to see come from my hands and hear from my mouth and those around me, suddenly…twenty-ten found it’s own feel instead of a poor reflection of two-thousand and nine.

as i enter twenty-eleven, things are happening but it doesn’t feel like it really is, it’s overwhelming, it’s so many things that even though i may be ready for them, it feels as though i shouldn’t be ready for them. my beautiful girlfriend is drying her hair in the bathroom, my brother-in-law is laying in my sister’s room, i have this goatee and this fresh haircut, my family’s business is on markham main street, the former centre of the world for me, and i have a big pile of pro art supplies beside the couch, awaiting publication as soon as i throw something fun on them. how did this happen?

my life, has it begun?