peace is a tough thing for most i find. it’s hard to truly be at peace with yourself and your surroundings, i don’t know if i am at peace with myself or my surroundings, but i am at peace with not being at peace with them, it is a strange state of being i live in, but a mildly interesting one.

is to be at peace to not care?

i think that sometimes, how can i be alright with my surroundings and the people in this town? there are so many backstabbers, drama queens, general dick heads. there are so many problems, economy, population, the aesthetics taking a constant beating. how can i be at peace with such a world?

…but i notice i might be anyways, there’s nothing wrong with hoping my presence in the world provides a positive, and a positive is a step towards improvement. leading by example, you can’t shove what’s right down people’s throats, you can just hope they stumble upon you on the world wide web and join in the silent revolution.

ease your mind, alleviate your stress, forget what’s wrong with your past and don’t worry about the future, and most importantly…

give peace a chance.

i know i am trying.