i do a lot of research. my research leads me to many different styles and eras of comic illustration. polar opposites, a crossroads in my mind. one of the people i often come back to is rob liefeld.

there’s a simple reason for that…his stuff looks better than anyone else’s. it looks more exciting, still feels like a comic, it’s really pleasing to eyes.

he also has ‘the right stuff’.

i was watching an interview with him and he was talking about selling comics and getting them to the mainstream (like in the commercial above) and back then that was a really big deal, now you would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t seen a comic book movie before but back then they were still coming up.

he was specifically talking about selling comics to kids, which i think is important. even though his comics might have a hint of breasts and blood that’s what kids wanted and at the end of the day…it was all fantasy violence anyways. there is no kids with sterling silver bazookas out there to aim at people with skulls tattoo’d to their faces.

the world of comics needs to get back to that. entertainment is important. he created characters like die hard and deadpool. teams like youngblood and x-force. things that sounded cool and interesting to kids. things that could be made into toys and made you feel excited while purchasing it, dreaming of what lays beyond that incredible, vibrant cover.

the world needs more rob liefelds and less…mostly everyone else doing super heroes. his stuff will always look more exciting than what they’re pushing down our throats nowadays with correct anatomy and blacked out guns, fight scenes without double page spreads that leave the hero barely scratched instead of half-dead.

people might dislike the variant covers, some shotty writing and some missed deadlines, but at the end of the day i am just happy to get something that makes me say “wow! this is the coolest thing ever! i want more!”