i often challenge myself by my materials.

to have fantastic materials for me is this epic challenge.

i must use everything i own until i am drawing in green crayon on construction paper.

but in reality…i’ll never run out of the nice stuff.

i haven’t even scratched the surface of the nice stuff.

i worry about running out when to each side of my bed i have 5 fresh brush pens and 250 unused sheets of card stock.

this is my material of choice.

i must make 250 pages of comics on this fine paper with these lovely pens and show everyone who cares to look before carefully compiling them into a book, even if it’s just for myself.

i actually see myself compiling a 200 page hardcover, high quality book with a very high price tag but available to read with great ease for free and made into an essential form for cheap access.

this is far from wasted time, if i had that done, even if it didn’t look so hot or read too well, it would have been a turn of the decade well spent.

i thought i would share with you, my bi-monthly blog, as november is more than half complete and i’ve yet to do my 15 days of work…

thanks for reading.