i blogged about having over 250 friendly visits, now i am happy to say that i have added over 50 on top of that to reach the milestone of my 300th one.

it’s nice to enjoy the little steps at the beginning as once i exceed 1000 it’ll be every 500-1000 visits, which is far more than this little increment of 50.

on my other blog i have so many more visits but this is the epic blog, this is the one i wait to post on and save the rants for a rainy day, there’s rain every day here…that’s what happens when you live in your head.

i think my 300 friendly visitors deserve some kind of reward, but what should it be?

how about this:

dick tracy on deviantART

a quick fan comic strip made in the style of chester gould


thankyou for reading, i hope you visit again for my next blog and, if you haven’t already, check out my old ones!