i put a lot of expectation on september and so far…it’s going pretty well…it’s only been twenty-seven hours so far but that should mean it could even be going exceedingly well, right?

the whole point of this month is progress, well i guess really that is the point of life…but this month is where i try to step it up a notch (where have i heard that before? decade ago?) by drawing more and writing more and just being more active outside the house too. i am going to do everything in my power to be on the road to success by 2011…my favourite year.

i talk a lot in my blogs about progress, this whole thing is one big plan for my life and reviews on the life & works of others. i have ups and downs and if you read previous posts, i let the world live through them with me, whether i get a couple comments or zero views…it’s there if you’re ever curious. currently i am down and up simultaneously…it’s not a good feeling, i am very confused. technically my life is going good, in my head it’s all a pile of shit (hey, when was the last time i swore on here?)…but ofcourse in my head it’s always a little worse than it is in reality…

you want to know the worst part of it all? my reason for not drawing as much lately is location…that’s it…location…nothing else. when i was sleeping in a different room on the futon i was drawing all the time, between video game loading screens, during commercials, while on the internet…it was all going swimmingly (a phrase i might have never used before now) and then if i think again (twice in one night, i hope i don’t pull something)…it was at it’s high point when i spent all my time in my room with my desktop computer that had the bed next to it…maybe technology and living for lengthy periods in solitude with my hours backwards wasn’t ruining everything…but was the perfect fit for me?

if it was, i’ve good news, i am officially on the job hunt and it’s going pretty well (i hope, cross your fingers right now!) so me moving back to my room with a new desktop computer (or laptop, whatever works)  is a definite possibility…or atleast back to the futon…which seems far more likely.

i think i will spend the rest of my night reading the new jeff brown book i got with the sweet bookmark drawn (and coloured bitches!) by jeffrey brown himself! and maybe even some drawing, talk to you all later…whoever “you all” might include…