i finally read the new jeffrey brown book i got when i met him and it was completely awesome.

it wasn’t exactly what i expected, i expected it to have some slower parts or little parts unimportant to the story but it didn’t, it was very condensed…i actually should probably have looked back at the first couple pages that mention who all the women in the story are while reading it but it’s not like i won’t be reading it again soon.

i like books that make you reflect upon your own life, i could make a book like this but i don’t know if i have the guts to…it’s pretty courageous to let the world know about all the girls you’ve failed with, succeeded with and how…especially when the world includes those women.

i might do a bit of writing tonight to see if it is possible, i don’t have all the dates like jeffrey brown does but i can atleast get a general understanding across plus add a bit of poetic license…but would it be entertaining?

i guess that’s it for now, i actually posted a lot of blogs tonight but i guess they’ve just been waiting to happen for a while now…hope you enjoyed reading.