i’ve been thinking that 250 is an impressive amount of visits, that’s more than one for every day i’ve had this blog though i am sure it got more hits when it was in my psm…maybe i will change my psm back, can’t hurt right?

my blogs are pretty personal when you think about it, like i just let it all spill out on here, it used to be even more personal when i had something more personal to say…

maybe i should rub my blog in everyone’s face, facebook it, tweet it, msn names and personal message, they are all mine and if you have me there and can’t get enough…you get to read what’s really going on below the surface…not like there is some great secret i am hiding, i’m a pretty open guy.

what do i have to say to the world? hmm, it’s a tough one a lot of the time, that’s what a blog post should be i think, what you have to say to the whole internet and hoping people catch your vibe and keep reading…well what i have to say is…i don’t like you world, go back to being nice to me. it’s not like my life is so harsh, i’m not starving in a third world country or something…i just miss when everyone i met was so cool and just had this two-dimensional view. it was all easier that way…back in the day…just because it rhymes.

i think the solution might be taking a step back and letting everyone who doesn’t matter fall away…sometimes you just need to give yourself a reality check..this person isn’t your best friend…this girl isn’t going to fall in love with you…this guy is a piece of shit even though he’s cool sometimes. well i will give myself my own reality check and hopefully it’ll leave me more time for the most important people in my life…and ofcourse drawing too.

i am done this blog, but there is a new one coming soon, and hopefully there will be many more new ones coming up after that…thanks for reading…i hope i get to 300 visits soon.