I collect a lot of things. Sometimes I think about people who collect things. Is there something wrong with them? Is there something missing in their lives that makes them need something material to fill the void? Maybe we all collect something though, it’s hard not to.
Music, games, movies, toys, books…it’s hard to not have a couple of those categories lying around the house. I collect all of those actually, they look pretty cool on a shelf if you have all of something, no matter what it is. I love looking at all the stuff I own, the downside is I always want more.
I guess that’s good in a way though, means what I have is so good I can never get enough.

Just last night I got a couple of books back from an old friend and it reminded me of how much I used to love collecting them. It sorta made me want to go to the Fan Expo and buy some more. But as I write this I am playing my PS3 and I know that’s what I’ll be doing that whole weekend, like I have planned since before my birthday.
I do lack a lot of inpiration without all the collecting though, I just don’t feel like drawing a whole lot, I’m waiting for things to get back on track though, it should happen sooner than later. I guess everyone has sets of off days, but I feel like hibernation is coming up fast. That’ll lead to productivity.

Well…I guess that’s it for now, I am going to get back to playing my wrestling game…