I’m always behind on the blogging. It’s bad because it’s not like I’m doing so much else. I have the WordPress app right on the home screen of my iPod too. Bad news.
I don’t have much to update. The only comic I’ve read in what seems like months is 300 besides my daily strips. I did a couple panels for a new comic strip with a very old script but I’ll never finish it.
I will however, finish my new wrestling comic. It’s been one page from completetion for like ever but I might even finish it tonight. It’s alright, a little short but the planned sequels are longer and set up future stories.
I think wrestling and comics are the perfect combo because they’re so similar. Once a month there’s a new installement and they never really finish. The big difference is the torch can be passed in wrestling while comics seem to have no interest in such things.
The Hulk Hogan of comics Superman never changed to The Rock or Stone Cold then eventually John Cena and Randy Orton. It sucks if you ask me but whatever…atleast I am still provided with something to read.
The next book I’m going to read will be the Jeff Brown book I picked up when I met him a couple months ago. I forget the exact date but it says on here somewhere. It looks pretty sweet. I am hoping it will inspire me to draw more.
I actually have a large pile of drawings I’ve been meaning to scan for a while that inspire me as well. They’re mostly comic pages for comics I didn’t finish. I think they’re all pretty sweet so after they’re finally all scanned I’ll probably post them all on here one blog at a time.
Anyways I guess that’s it for now. I’ll blog again soon. Atleast try to…