That’s the name of the Captain Star comic strip which has been mostly forgotten along with the fantastic cartoon that came from it.
The cartoon was light-hearted and ridiculous, easily understood by the average child but the strip was quite different.
A lot of the jokes were quick and witty and required an expanded vocabulary where the meaning of every strip was hidden among the seemingly unassociated captions and dialogue.
The strip also had an almost dirty look to it. The art was black and white with simple backgrounds and far too many little lines that didn’t really represent shading even though that’s what it seemed was their job.
Every strip looked like it was done quickly and inked almost exactly over the rough. The later strips blow the earlier ones out of the water in terms of art-quality but the writing is constantly good, at times great.
Reading through the strips as another potential creator makes you wonder what you want to do with your own work…can it too be so introspective, unique and outlandish in such perfect structure?
Well that’s all I have to say for now about Captain Jim Star…