That’s what I am stuck in. Everything is consistently getting worse and I’m never let up for air, no clarity comes…
I don’t draw anymore…it leaves me feeling useless for the most part. Like it’s always in the back of my head but I no longer put pen to paper.
I will eventually. I even (as always) have a couple new plans for comics plus still have an old project (also…as always) that I need to finish off.
It’s not just the drawing though as is the usual case of the melancholy blogs. It’s my whole life. I can’t seem to escape problems that really are just unmentioned tension between me and a lot of different people.
I don’t know what I’m waiting for really…some sign perhaps? Some guidance from above? A whole new group of people to set the wheels in motion?
Well whatever it is…I’m still waiting…

As my 20th birthday approaches I’m excited and anxious. I can’t wait to get some new stuff that will actually let me be able to enjoy staying home again.
But it’s also a big milestone. I won’t be a teenager, I won’t be “adult-ish”, I’ll be just some guy who needs to get something going for himself.
I’m not in a rush or anything. I guess I just want to feel like I’m on the path and for the pace to increase so I can atleast see a little down the road.
Well that’s it for now…sorry I’ve also taken a sebaticle from this blog but now hopefully I can get back to some sense of normality.