The name of this blog is the name of a book published somewhat recently by Drawn & Quarterly called (quite obviously) “Black Blizzard”. It was a very enjoyable read. It was pretty short but I didn’t mind, you can put the most in the shortest of stories, it makes sure every panel is of the utmost importance as opposed to filler and unimportant backstory.
It is one of those life-changing stories that manages to linger afterwards. I definitely plan to buy it but with all the things I plan to buy it’s hard to prioritize. I figure, atleast I got to enjoy it the one time.

I’m never drawing as much as I should, and when I am it’s never the right thing. It’s redrawing other people’s stuff, trying to see where they use brush vs. where they use pen, guessing at their original size and thinking of what mine should be.

Anyways I guess that’s it, my comics are borderline non-existent per usual but I figured it’s been so long since I updated my lonely wordpress that there’s no time like the present. Hopefully this will be the first of many updates that include art…

Kinnikuman by Yudetamago

In the last blog I said I would upload some of my art so I chose to upload this picture I took with my phone, it's just some stuff from Kinnikuman, a comic which I've been reading a lot of lately.