…and he was so nice, so exactly what you’d expect and better, he even let me use his pen. I will never forget today (well yesterday now) for the rest of my life. It seems like I am overstating but I still remember when he e-mailed a year or two ago after I read Little Things for the first or second time.

I actually wrote the first blog or two with him on my mind. Everything he does means so much to me. Without him I doubt I would want to do what I plan to do and I doubt I’d be so sure about my choice if I fail or not…it really means a lot to me that he exists. Meeting your heroes for a second, for a picture, for a short chat and a handshake means so much to you and you walk away wondering how much it meant to them with your heavy thoughts being lifted away…mind on a cloud somewhere far from your regular routine.

But this blog isn’t just about me having a love affair with the works of Jeffrey Brown, it’s about the inspiration I feel after seeing his original art and learning a bit more about his process and struggle to his current success. I have been feeling like I have inspiration and nothing to do with it lately, even when I start a comic I feel like I don’t want to finish it far faster than usual…it’s bad mojo…

I have been tinkering with a bunch of ideas lately that I have been debating on even boring all you potential readers with…I will break it down quickly and easily…something like Jeffrey Brown’s work in a style closer to my own…something like Seth’s work in a more fictional action-packed setting with background poetry…then there’s the whole straight-up wrestling comic that I have been waiting to span out pretty much since I was born and as time goes on it feels more and more like it will never happen.

That’s the update for tonight…Jeffrey Brown, style problems, potential comics (all of which have already been started just incase it seems like I actually don’t do anything with any of these ideas)…now my plan is…to redraw Batman Dailies for some reason? I think it’s just to get me more comfortable with my legendary 2 weeks of boards. I hope you enjoyed reading and come back for more…my next blog might be coming up soon with a first-ever sneak peek at my art!