I forget sometimes how huge of an inspiration Robert Crumb has been to me. A lot of the way I talk and think are from watching his interviews, reading his work. The art is the biggest one though without a doubt.
I can’t escape it. How I cross-hatch, the characters’ shapes, their noses and ears, their eyes, their strange hands and big feet, the very 2D world I create in my art…it all is deeply rooted in the strange mind of Robert Crumb.
I find the funniest part is how it manages to effect every style I take on. I try to draw something like Seth or Chester Gould or even Hergé and there are his character designs sticking out constantly, or cross-hatching, who even knew you could steal someone’s cross-hatching…
I don’t know who I model my life after when I really think about it. I sit here and blog and think, ponder everything and everyone. I have all these ideas I get excited about from hours to months to years, sometimes only seconds and I forget to write them down…it’s strange living in my head.
I guess that’s it. I felt that Mr. Crumb was more than worthy of mention on my blog tonight…thanks for reading.