So I made this blog just for my iPod touch but this is the first time I am actually posting from it. Not by choice mind you. My computer is broken. Actually so is my television. On top of that this blog didn’t even want to work at first on here. Painful really.

So you might be wondering why this blog is called “2 weeks of boards”. Well it’s ofcourse related to comic strips. Everything I write seems to be related to comic strips.

I’ve bought myself everything I need to do two weeks of my comic strip and am now drawing less than ever. I have absolutely no excuse besides the whole Al Capp idea that all strip cartoonists are nuttier than a fruit cake.

I have scripts, boards, pens, paper for doodling and planning, notebooks, everything but a finished first strip. There is advantages though. I am comfortable with some style choices and character plans. I just really want to finish off proud of my first two weeks which I am thinking will be a 14 part story. Silent perhaps in blue.

With all this planning and blogging I think it has quite a buildup even though in reality it’s all in my head, noone has read ALL my blogs but me and I’m a nineteen year old who hasn’t taken an art class since grade nine and a comic one since grade school at the library (though I’ve seen some cool stuff at the summer comic conventions).

I’ve gone another whole night without sleeping and this time around (besides chatting to some friends and doing this blog) I literally did nothing. The main thing of note is another rant session on the couch with my mom, the endless fountain of wisdom and support when I get into ruts where I hate my every thought…though you must keep in mind they are probably 90% art-related.

Today I’ll try to find some new thoughts and this week I will start my weird wrestling comic or atleast get in some “decent doodles” (I have a strange little name for everything). If you read my blog regularly or this is the first you’ve seen of it I hope it didn’t bore you too much and you’ll visit in the future.