I set a lot of goals for myself, big and small, I complete borderline nothing, I think some days if I did any less I’d just fade to nothing, out of existence forever, something that was supposed to happen but never did, an incomplete thought.

All my goals are artistic really, I figure that’s all I’ll ever have (or want to have) going for me, and they also seem to be the most monumental, I don’t know why I can’t seem to get into the groove of being productive. If I were to find the core of the problem it’d be the same as the problem I had a year ago…style. I nowadays jump from picture to picture, cartoony to realistic to somewhere strange in between. I jump from artist to artist and pen to pen, I really have no idea what I am going to do tomorrow as I waste too much time today.

As the end of the day comes I figure as long as I am producing something, atleast my lines and basic talents are improving, it is good to be flexible though all the artists I love have such a definitive style. Today’s day brings me to Flash Gordon Volume 2 by Alex Raymond, a month or two ago I figured the best thing one can hope for is a comic strip so realistic and well drawn that decades later it is still the pinnacle, some unattainable past talent like how all artists look at the works of Michaelangelo, Da Vinci and Picasso.

That is where Alex Raymond is when it comes to comics, the bright colours, perfect cross-hatching and realistic figures and worlds that inspired the original Star Wars trilogy to the point of being it’s complete basis. I hope to even get a fraction of that talent and consistency, maybe even enough to live off with some sense of ease, mental or material.

I also aspire to make books that are as good as the cover and a bit better. Like the works of Jason, Seth, Chester Brown and ofcourse, Alex Raymond. The books with the exciting titles and interesting covers that you buy on a whim and find exactly what you expected plus join their cult following, getting all engrossed in that person’s history for the next week or two, sometimes years off and on.

Well those are my goals for the day, maybe I’ll start by reading a bit, then hopefully draw a bit and ofcourse write too much (if one actually can write too much, I passed that line a while ago). Hopefully I’ll have better news in the future.