You ever have those days where nothing is going right? Where you try and try and try again and still your efforts yield no suitable results? Where the pressure is on and the day you waited for finally comes but the task is beyond your doing? Well for me those days are not few and far between. Artistic endeavours haven’t been friendly to me and don’t seem to be warming up with any sense of ease.

I know it’s more than just something like practice makes perfect though. Only nights ago I did what I want to do in the size and with what materials I desire to do…then all of the sudden my talents leave me. I suspect a subconscious block. Or maybe I am really just losing it? But in a life as bland as mine I put my focus and effort on these artistic efforts and very little else. I tried playing a video game and more graphic resources but those are all just procrastinating the inevitable trip to the black chair, staring at the blank white page, oh the overwhelming anxiety.

Will I continue my struggle tonight or will I take a break and start over with fresh eyes? I think if you don’t try then how can you hope to succeed, is it better to fail? Well I don’t know which route I’ll take quite yet…but I will just go write my new journal entry and inform you unknown probably non-existent readers when I’m somewhat famous…