I read many biographies in my spare time, which is…all the time…currently I am reading the life of Milton Caniff by event, not by year, day or month. It’s strange to read 27 years of someone’s existence in 2 and a half pages and the other half a century being condensed into 3 or 4 pages more.

It also is easy to forget that there is no easy path. In the life of this cartoonist in particular there is years of daily and weekly comic strips before he finds Dickie Dare for 5 months…which seems so small but really…it’s approximately 150 strips (4 panels long from Monday to Saturday and oversized at a dozen or so panels on Sundays) that are only remembered as a stepping stone.

When you think of all the practice it took to get to the golden stuff and then the golden stuff has sometimes a decade or more of content that is a little below par but interesting called “the early years” it reminds you how much practice is required to become who you’ll be remembered as…definitely not a 20 year old Canadian cartoonist doing an online daily strip but the 35 year old Canadian cartoonist hitting his stride in the pages of various newspapers and annually published by Drawn & Quarterly.

Well that’s my dream anyways, plausible, possible, realistic? Who really knows? But it’s my plan nonetheless for the time being…now I’m going to go back to my readings…