so this is my first post on my new blog. i really haven’t thought much past that. i really only made this blog so i could blog from my ipod, then i don’t even post from my ipod…but it’s nice to have the option. i was thinking of changing the name to “iblog by dyl”…but is that cliché? do people think poorly of people who use the word “cliché”?
for the first time ever i have been introduced to this strange new automatic double spacing, so now i have to hit shift to start a new paragraph (it’s pretty upsetting).  but it’s not all bad, i tried it out a day or 2 ago on my mom’s laptop, i’ll be used to it in no time and find it awkward to go back…that always happens…like the world before t9 texting.
anyways, this blog is about art, i think about art all the time, it’s more than a hobby, somewhere around obsession. i’ve been thinking about what exactly i want my art to look like (nothing too conclusive yet). i like not using  pencil i think, it makes everything look very human and that’s important i think. i also think it makes it look more interesting, like i can tell this is by a guy but i can see the effort and passion he puts forth in combination with his natural talents, that really would be the ultimate compliment for me.
i like when i get “did you really do this?” but i think the “wow, this stuff is great” is my preference, probably my constant fear of being overconfident, i want to think “hey, maybe my stuff is pretty good” about my art, that’s really as far as i want to take it. maybe when i’m quite a bit older i want to be at the point of “people seem to like it.”

i do a lot of reading and rereading, this week it was jeff brown’s “little things” (one of the comics that made me say, this is what i want to do indefinitely) and frank miller’s ronin. i read all of my comics with great attention, especially to the art, i’ve noticed that though i read them all cover to cover many times, all my books become references. i have a page or 2 (or six, or seven) that i will constantly find myself flipping over to because i spoke of it in some random conversation or it was in the back of my brain for a couple days.
jeff brown’s little things is definitely one of those, it has all these great little moments from someone else’s life that i constantly find jumping back to the forefront of my mind. i think i reference the lives of jeff brown, chester brown, seth, guy delisle (even if just silently) more than my own life, because i’ve lived through parts of theirs’ so many times and i have it in print at my disposal whenever i want…leads me to wonder if my journal for 2010 (i like calling it twenty-ten more than “two thousand and ten”, sounds more futuristic to me that way) will be of the graphic nature.

i guess that’s it for my first post on the new blog. i hope if you took the time to read it you enjoyed and will come back in the future.